The Taiga is the world’s largest land ecosystem. It spans across North America, Europe, and Asia. Navigating through this vast ecosystem without GPS or a compass would make for a dark and difficult journey. Provide an explorer with the right tools to navigate the terrain and you notice that forest canopy begins to allow light through to illuminate the journey. At Pivit, we’ve built Taiga with the goal of illuminating the 80 - 90% of dark, unstructured data in the world of retail.

Our patent-pending Data Logistics Hub (DLH), platform as a service, opens up a world of possibilities for retailers by bringing together customer data, integrated platforms, business intelligence, and marketing strategy to drive sales growth and customer loyalty by fostering a consumer data ecosystem using retail data not accessible today.

Powered by Taiga, all retailers now have the scale to contribute vast data lakes of consumer data products in categories. We leverage the value of this data for retail, brands, digital market research, AI, and data science partners and bring large retail scale consumer data products and value to the mid level market.

Taiga’s technology dramatically reduces integration cost of dissimilar sources found in stores. It enables economies of scale and scope to uniquely meet the vast market of millions of data sources across businesses, locations, and software providers through its intelligent data streaming and packaging system. Unlocking these untapped sources allows retailers to turn customer data into knowledge.

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We at Pivit have worked together in various business ventures for 15 years. John Oakley, Matt Gattiker, and Greg Oakley have already been part of a very successful exit sale of Clubessential. Our efforts helped grow the company into the leading SaaS provider for the private club industry and generated $18M in ARR. In the later years with Clubessential we were instrumental in expanding the organization by forming a new startup, Cenetic, within the parent company. Cenetic quickly carved out a niche by disrupting the GDS channels in the hospitality industry and was generating nearly $2M in revenue after just 18 months. The disruption was so abrupt that PAR Springer Miller and Agilysys took notice and were eager to form strategic partnerships.

After our exit from the hospitality industry we served as the architects of an AI platform that has allowed a predictive sales analysis startup to scale exponentially. Our vision and keen ability to identify value served as the driving force to guide many other startups and early stage businesses to success in recent years.

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